Traffic cigarettes are exclusively sold at Circle K locations throughout the U.S.
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We also sell pipe tobacco and tubes under the Traffic ® brand, which are available at retailers nationwide. The primary tobacco in Traffic® is our flue-cured tobacco grown in the southeastern United States.

Manufactured in the USA. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Traffic product family

Cigarettes (8 styles)

Traffic Red King

Red King Box

Traffic Red 100

Red 100’s Box

Traffic Blue King

Blue King Box

Traffic Blue 100

Blue 100’s Box

Traffic Menthol Green King

Menthol Green King Box

Traffic Menthol Green 100

Menthol Green 100’s Box

Traffic Menthol Silver 100

Menthol Silver 100’s Box

Traffic Silver 100

Silver 100’s Box

Pipe Tobacco (3 styles)

Traffic Pipe Red 16 oz.

Red 16 oz.

Traffic Pipe Blue 16 oz.

Blue 16 oz.

Traffic Pipe Green 16 oz.

Green 16 oz.

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